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We have a team of professional hackers and security professionals based in Europe and the GCC who have been trained to tackle modern day digital threats

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessments are less in depth than penetration tests. Our team of security analysts will have an overview of your systems and networks, providing you with an idea of the threats you are vulnerable to.

Vulnerability Assesments are normally quicker than penetration tests and are recommended as a precursor to a full penetration test.

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests simulate real cyber attacks against your company.

Our CREST Certified hackers will attempt to breach your systems, using the same techniques as cyber criminals.

A full report will be submitted to you, informing you of any vulnerabilities that we are able to exploit and methods to mitigate these threats.


Our CISSP certified consultants will provide you with cutting edge advise on how to better maintain security of your company.

Not only do our consultants advise on the ever increasing cyber threats, they can additionally provide full risk assessments pertaining to the physical security of your organisation.

There were over 5,000 cyber attacks an hour in 2016

Don't become a statistic

Penetration Testing: How It Works

Our hackers follow a strict code of ethics, they have all been rigourlessly tested against the standards set by globally recognised institutions including;
EC-Council, SANS Institute and ISC.

They will only test within the bounds of the service level agreement, this can include - Social Media, Website, Web App, System Hacking and more.

How you can benefit from first class consulting

The Digital World is rapidly and constantly evolving, therefore it is pertinent to stay ontop of possible threats with cutting edge consulting, Our consultants are all CISSP certified,

The Cyber Security World Now

The world we live in now is more connected than ever before, in the coming years it will not only be our phones and laptops connected to the internet but our cars, home AI systems, and even kitchen appliances. Each of these will come with their own vulnerabilities, each of these represent a lucrative gateway for a hacker, and each of these are the future.

This is why it is important to tackle cyber security with a pro-active approach instead of a reactive approach, it is better to stop a threat before it happens rather than after there has been a breach.
As the digital world stands now, everything is global, connected and always with us, in a matter of seconds we can contact someone across the world, this also means a hacker can find you in the same amount of time.

The largest threats to Cyber security now include Ransomware, Industrial Espionage and Illegal trading of stolen data.

Ransomware is the act of malware encrypting, or 'locking' files on your device, only returning access to you after a ransom has been paid, whole organisations, even hospitals have suffered from this.

Industrial Espionage has always been around, now it is made easy through gaining access to networks, devices and email accounts. This is not helped by the ever growing prevalent use of social media and our tendency to freely share private information.

In the Information Age, data is money. Organisations keeping personal data on customers and clients are constantly being bombarded with cyber attacks, in the case of a successful attack the data is easily sold on the black market to the highest bidder. This data can include anything from names, addresses, health records and financial details.

About Us

Trinity International is based in Zagreb, Croatia, it was founded in early 2015 by a collection of British and Croatian experts with backgrounds in Cyber Security, Military and Telecommunications.

Since our beginning we have helped a huge range of clients, from telecommunications companies to prominent holding companies.

While our target market is Europe and the Middle East we have always welcomed clients from around the globe, ensuring that our premium services are always maintained to the highest degree.

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