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Vulnerability Assesments

A brief overview of your organisation's security

What They Are

Vulnerability Assesments are usually carried out between or prior to penetration tests. Vulnerability Assesments give a shallow overview to your security situation, while penetration tests are far more in depth and will highlight more potential vulnerabilities.
A Vulnerability Assesment will show potential weak areas that could be utilised by a hacker, they will generally report unpatched Operating Systems, out of date applications and poor firewall/network configuration.

The report file submitted to the company will include charts of the total number of weaknesses found and rank them according to how severe they are, severity being determined by how much damage they could allow in the event of a malicious cyber attack.
The report file will then include advice on how to mitigate these threats and any other additional information.

Vulnerability Assesments are normally recommended to be carried out at least twice a year in order to include information regarding newly discovered threats and to compensate for any minor changes in your systems or network

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests simulate real cyber attacks against your company.

Our EC-Council Certified hackers will attempt to breach your systems, using the same techniques as cyber criminals.

A full report will be submitted to you, informing you of any vulnerabilities that we are able to exploit and methods to mitigate these threats.


Our CISSP certified consultants will provide you with cutting edge advise on how to better maintain security of your company.

Not only do our consultants advise on the ever increasing cyber threats, they can additionally provide full risk assessments pertaining to the physical security of your organisation.