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Penetration Testing

in depth attempts to breach your organisation's security

How They Work

A Penetration Test is the same as a full cyber attack against your organisation with two key differences:
They will only test what you give us permission to test
They are not malicious, therefore there will be no intentional damage of any systems or networks and no data theft

Our Certified Penetration Testers will use the same tools that malicious cyber criminals use in order to breach your defences, we will attempt a range of methods to achieve this, including but not limited to;
Taking advantage of misconfigured devices and firewalls, social engineering of employees through social media and email services, security holes of applications and Operating Systems alike.

We additionally test your network's capability to withstand a Distributed Denial of Service attack, commonly referred to as DDOS attacks. These attacks are aimed towards denying availability of the services your company offers by making websites and digital resources unavailable for legitimate use.
In addition to this we rigourlessly test your current security protocols, our penetration testers have been trained to bypass firewalls, antivirus and Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems. If our ethical hackers find a way around these, the methods used will be detailed in the report submitted to the company at the end of the penetration test, we also include possible mitigation techniques.

At the end of the penetration test you will receive two reports- a technical report for your IT administration and an executive report for management. The technical report goes indepth to the technical aspects of the findings and is intended to inform your IT administration of what was found, the potential risks and how to fix it.
The executive report is non-technical, this is intended for people with little to no technological backgrounds, this will give an overview of what we found and will show you general ratings of the potential weaknesses discovered.

Vulnerability Assesments

Vulnerability Assesments give you a brief overview to the general security of your organisation, they are intended to be utilised twice a year in conjunction with regular penetration tests.


Our CISSP certified consultants will provide you with cutting edge advise on how to better maintain security of your company.

Not only do our consultants advise on the ever increasing cyber threats, they can additionally provide full risk assessments pertaining to the physical security of your organisation.