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Cyber Security is not just digital

Cutting edge experts

In addition to vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, Trinity International offers world class consulting from cyber specialists with deep knowledge of the cyber security industry and how it applies to companies of all sizes.
Our consultation is not just limited to the virtual world however, our CISSP certified consultants are also qualified to advise on issues regarding disaster recovery planning, physical security of assets and personnel security.

We can advise organisations on all aspects of security, from minor changes on networks to full overhauls of assets.
We can offer both short term consulting for companies to long term advise on various issues. Included in the long term consultations are vulnerability assessments, computer maintanence and regular penetration testing.

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests simulate real cyber attacks against your company.

Our EC-Council Certified hackers will attempt to breach your systems, using the same techniques as cyber criminals.

A full report will be submitted to you, informing you of any vulnerabilities that we are able to exploit and methods to mitigate these threats.

Vulnerability Assesments

Vulnerability Assesments give you a brief overview to the general security of your organisation, they are intended to be utilised twice a year in conjunction with regular penetration tests